A Strut by Cheeky Strut

Cheeky Strut does things differently. The high-end salon, located downtown Grand Rapids, has made their mark in the industry. Since opening in 2009, the salon has grown and evolved into the remarkable business it is today, with clients traveling far-and-wide to get their hair styled by a Cheeky Strut stylist. Walking into the salon, guests are met with a gorgeous display of product in a boutique-like setting. Not only does the salon carry hair products, but they also offer handbags, makeup, and more. Katie Lyn, owner of Cheeky Strut, explains how that “brand loyalty is extremely important, but it can be difficult to work directly with brand because they are also focused on building themselves. For us, having a relationship with our distribution representative is important because they are the go-between between us and the brand.”

She finds that building a relationship with your distributor and building trust is key, as they are able to help find brands and products that fit the salon and its needs. Selling retail to clients can be difficult, but the ladies at Cheeky Strut have their own way of doing things: “We’re not sales people, but we have products that get us really excited. So, if I am able to find a solution for my hair and I can share my experience with them, they will get excited too. We’re just sharing the products we love and showing our clients how to use them.” Cheeky Strut utilizes social media channels to highlight their favorite products as well. They keep their feed fun and vibrant, just as it is in the salon. If you haven’t experienced this magical place yet, strut on by and check it out (and get your hair done, too).