Take the First Step - Launch Salon

Y’all, It’s a Launch Salon Party!


When ManocoBlue reached out to have us take over their social media we could have jumped for the moon. I rattled my brain thinking of the most impactful things to share. Our story, our culture, what we have in the works… ALL SO GOOD, and it jolts me into thinking how thankful and humbling this whole experience of opening a salon has been.

Dreams are all those fluffy, successful, bright, happy things that keep you up at night and shoot you out of bed in the morning. We marinate in the most ideal circumstances, glowing in the thought of each system, working like a well-oiled machine.

The first step to waking up in your dream reality is to TAKE THE FIRST STEP.

Your day one, your plan, and then your dream day.

Your plan is all of the chapters between the covers of the book. Can I just tell you that as soon as you “close” that first book, you'll be wanting to jump into the next. Life is full of ebb and flow scenarios. And while I’ll be your biggest cheerleader (with the exception of your momma), I want to be the voice that says…

You'll finally break through just before you quit.

You'll fail often, and if you’re not, you’re not casting your net far enough.

Make your mark.

Fight for what you want and need.

Lastly, and most importantly...

No one will be a bigger advocate for your dreams than you are.

Success comes from getting up and having the nerve to push again.

Nicole Flier
Launch Salon & Catching Fire