Nuggets of Wisdom from Mint Hair Crafting

Mint - verb. To create something for the very first time.
Your look is our craft.
We believe in crafting and creating a look specifically for you.
Because you're worth it.
Join us for the transformation.

Mint Hair Crafting has been my passion project for nearly 8 years but we’ve been open just 2.5 years.

I daydreamed of opening a salon for years because I love passionate hairdressers so much! I read books, asked my peers that I looked up to for guidance, and listened to so.many.podcasts. That period of time I now see was my research and development phase. I learned a lot, but the real learning happens when you’re fully in it.

Day in, day out.

When you’re in your business for 16 hours a day because you’re learning how to do month-end inventory counts and your washer and dryer go out. Hahahaha. The struggle can be SO real.

I actually had no clue what opening, running, and LEADING a business would look or feel like. Having a community of hairdressers and supportive salon owners around me has been incredible, because at the end of the day, we’re in this together.

First month open, I invested in coaching. I needed guidance (who gave me the keys?!). I needed accountability. I found Nina Kovner of Passion Squared in 2014 and her work really spoke to me. She shares branding, social media, and ton of self-awareness. I’m so grateful to have had her coaching early into owning a business. We would not have the growth and success we have today without it.

Here are a few specific gems I’ve learned from working with her that I think ALL of us can benefit from:

  • Claim your social pages. Keep them current and do an audit of the information you have. Is it relevant? What about your website? View it on a phone (THIS IS WHERE MORE SEARCHES ARE DONE THAN ANY OTHER DEVICE), tablet, and desktop. Is your site easy to navigate? No? Hire a pro.

  • Are all the links for your pages live? Think how a guest who wants to do business with you might think - are you easy to contact?

  • Yelp, Google Business, Facebook Business Page, and Instagram (make sure you have a business profile - there are features you need to use like insights, click to contact, and a URL link)--manage them.

  • Acknowledge all reviews... yep, even the biased, unfair 1-star review. It shows you care and you listen. And isn’t that what we all really want - someone to care and listen?

  • Host and use online booking. In the 15 months we’ve had online booking, over 600 reservations have been made for my 5 stylist team - almost all of them while we’re closed, late at night while someone was scrolling their Insta feed.

These are only a few of the nuggets of wisdom Passion Squared coaching has shared with me but they’re actionable and easy. Open a browser tab and Google your business - do you like what you see? Does it speak to your audience?

You can find me on IG @staceyrackhair and @minthaircrafting - slide into my DM’s if you need some love and absolutely follow @passionsquared. Nina and her team are awesome.