Amelia Rose Beauty

After working for a salon for 13 years, Sheena Payer felt ready to branch out on her own. She was looking to do something different and felt ready to open her own salon, and that is exactly what she did.

Two years ago, Payer opened up Amelia Rose Beauty, formerly known as Studio Lush.

Why the name change? “Amelia Rose Beauty is my daughter’s name, so I’m a little partial to it,” Payer laughs. However, there was strategy behind the name: “I like names that can be anything—it’s not just hair, it can be makeup, spray tanning--it’s all encompassing.”

The salon is going through a transitional period with the name change and a very recent renovation, but clients would never know. The cozy studio is warm and welcoming, with four talented stylists working behind the chair. Walking in, guests are able to sit in a relaxing waiting area or browse the selection of American-made boutique clothing the salon offers.

Clothing isn’t something you often see in a salon, but it’s been a successful route for Amelia Rose Beauty: “When people come into the salon, they’re expecting to feel transformed. Having the option to buy a cute top adds to that feeling. We’re small, but we actually send products all over the country.”

The most rewarding part about being a stylist, for Payer, is “When someone sits in my chair and they’re really down about themselves. They’ll go, ‘Oh my gosh, do you see these wrinkles? I feel old.’ And when I’m done with them, they feel amazing. They feel like I just changed their entire persona, even though they’re the exact same person. I’ve just made them feel better about themselves.”

Making her clients feel good about themselves on the outside isn’t the end of her job as a stylist. Payer is a self-proclaimed “Hair-apist” and finds joy in making her clients feel fantastic inside and out.

“There’s something about being so close to someone and touching their hair that they really expose themselves to you. They open up and tell you things and you are able to make them feel good about themselves—men included. It’s amazing,” Payer smiles.

Payer’s approach to her work has certainly paid off. She’s currently a GKhair educator and has traveled all over the world teaching people. Amelia Rose Beauty is booming with business, and we can’t wait to see where it goes!