Hot Heads Hair Design

Hot Heads Hair Design in Muncie, Indiana started with two great friends, one great location, and a strong desire to succeed.

When Tena and Brenda signed a lease for their brand new salon in 1989, it was only for two years: “We thought, in two years, we’ll either make it or break it and go work for someone else,” said Tena.

Make it, they did. After two years, they decided to buy the building they were renting a space in. However, their success didn’t come easily. Besides the clients they brought with them from their previous positions, no one really knew about them when they first opened. Luckily, their location allowed them a great opportunity to expand their clientele. Being within walking distance from Ball State University made them a prime spot for the local college students—the ones willing to give them a chance.

“Our first year, we mainly did men’s haircuts. They were the only ones brave enough to come in. After they would visit, they’d let their sisters, mothers, and girlfriends know that we did a good job. That’s when we really started building ourselves,” explained Brenda.

Their relationship with Ball State University has grown stronger throughout the years. The campus had had a barber shop for over 50 years, but a few years ago, the only barber working there was set to retire. Ball State University reached out to several salons in the area with an opportunity to take over the barber shop as a salon. Hot Heads Hair Design jumped at the opening; of all the salons and barber shops that were in the running, they had the most diverse clientele and offered the widest range of services. Because of this, and their involvement within the community, they were selected and have now been operating on campus for 3 years.

Where young patrons reside, there is always room to practice fun colors and adventurous styles, which helps salons to stay relevant in this ever-changing industry. Education is an important factor in staying up-to-date for stylists as well. Hot Heads Hair Design finds that being a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon allows them to be in-the-know about new trends and styles. Six of the stylists recently completed the Paul Mitchell Color Expert Training courses, and they frequently attend educational classes at Paul Mitchell the School in Indianapolis, along with hosting in-salon classes.

A salon can have the most talented stylists under its roof, but Hot Heads Hair Design proves that being skilled isn’t everything. The salon atmosphere and culture is what keeps clients coming back for more—and at Hot Heads, clients are another member of the family. Brenda explains, “We’ve had clients that have come in and told us that many salons have a good reputation like ours, but the reason they settle with us is because we make them feel comfortable. They know that if they’re not happy with something, or they want to change something, that they can come to us with those concerns. We understand them and make it comfortable. We always say that we have 5-star service without the 5-star attitude.”

Hot Heads Hair Design started with two great friends, one great location, and a strong desire to succeed. It became one big family, two great locations, and an integral part of the Muncie community.