Forefathers Grooming


Forefathers Grooming started as an idea to make men feel their best on their wedding day. Traveling stylist, Ryan Dietiker, started his journey in the salon industry when he saw an opportunity to create lasting memories for not only female clientele on their big day but for their male counterparts as well. Often, men are the afterthought on this wondrous occasion. They settle in to a small hotel room or are forced to get ready in a small bathroom. We want them to have centerstage too. A wedding day is one of the biggest days of someone’s life. So why not have both the bride and the groom looking spectacular? The goal of Forefathers Grooming in the beginning was to give an experience to the guys so that they felt they were just as important on their wedding day and to help them look the greatest they’d ever looked.

We started bright and early on many occasions and noticed that there were many opportunities missed in the dimly-lit rooms with lukewarm water to shave with. With the shortcomings of locations in mind, we set out to find a permanent central location to provide the best service possible to as many people we could reach. We found a phenomenal location in Sterling Heights centrally located and off the beaten path. This new location would be the foundation we built our business opon.

Forefathers Grooming is built on the idea of tradition, creating long-lasting traditions among generations, with the care and attention to detail of our forefathers. Over the first year, Forefathers Grooming has become even more than just a spot for men to get groomed before their wedding. It has bloomed into a place where people can arrive, check out our extensive retail selection, and relax knowing we will provide them with the best experience to our ability. Consistency is also what drives tradition, so we make sure no matter who they see in our facility, the skill level is consistent. Our standards are high, and we have become a place that people trust. They trust the knowledge and expertise we provide to allow them to recreate a look wherever they are. When you have trust, you hold the key to creating lasting relationships that go beyond the front door. You’re also opening up your audience through your customers.

Forefathers has become well-known for anything having to do with beard grooming and care, something often missed in other establishments. The countless hours studying and practicing is evident  in our expertise on facial hair. We’re a sort of cult-phenomenon among the bearded gentlemen in the area. Word-of-mouth has been our biggest driver of new clientele, along with social media presence and transformation photography.

Men’s grooming has come back from the depths of an industry once thought lost or not that important. During this emergence of new concepts of men’s grooming, Forefathers Grooming entered the arena to set a new standard and raise the bar for the experience people receive when entering a men’s-focused salon or barbershop. The business model focuses heavily on customer service and retention. To aid in this effort, we recommend suggesting that your male clients create appointments in advance to guarantee their time to feel good about themselves. There will always be salons and barbershops that offer a haircut, or any other service for that matter--a quick in and out visit with mediocre service. When you can provide more than just a haircut and build trust, then you become a staple in someone’s life. A person to provide help in areas they might not be comfortable asking about. We strive every day to create lasting relationships that create bold friendships, hopefully, for generations to come.