Catering to the Gentlemen

Boy by birth, man by age, gentleman by choice. That is the motto behind the Barber Lounge. Inside of every man is greatness and the potential to live out his best self. The Barber Lounge was created in 2009 with a vision to help each man cultivate that potential by providing world-class men’s grooming services through an optimal client experience.

The Barber Lounge experience includes warm greetings, complimentary drinks with service, honorable speech, and the best grooming experience available. The core belief of the team is that customers are valuable and deserve the best treatment. From the moment they enter the door, to being seated in the chair, customers are invited to feel relaxed, pampered, and honored.

The Barber Lounge saw an opportunity to create an easy shopping and grooming experience for men that had not been done before. They saw that there is a need to be able to offer an experience catered to men so they can be refreshed and renewed. In today’s market, men are looking for experiences that are high-quality and accessible to their busy schedules. The male customer is different from the female customer, and salons don’t always cater to the needs of men.

In this video, the Barber Lounge founder, Kevin Clay, shares how the Barber Lounge has created an experience for the male customer and how your salon can do the same through atmosphere and quality of service. Take a look at this two-part video to learn more! If you have questions on how to create a better experience for your male customer, the Barber Lounge team welcomes connecting with you by emailing them at