Indiana Team


Anthony Abegg

Anthony Abegg has been in the industry for 8 years and currently serves the Northwest Indiana territory. Through a combination of his technical and customer service skills, he is able to aid customers in their success. He finds passion in his dedication to impacting each individual stylist technically and personally and watching their growth. Anthony knows he has succeeded with a client when they’re able to adequately market themselves as a stylist and communicate their knowledge to their guests. He’s also quite resourceful—in high school he was voted ‘the best person to be stranded with on an island.’


Jaron Fairchild

Jaron Fairchild is a Salon Consultant serving salons in Indiana. With 18 years of experience in the industry, Jaron brings a lot to the table. From being an assistant to an independent stylist to a salon owner, he understands the importance of relationships and the different aspects attached to each role. Before taking on this position, Jaron was an educator for American Crew and evo. He believes education is the key to success.
What he loves most about being a part of this industry is that it is challenging all of the time; no day is the same as the day before. He likes the flexibility of being able to take his career in any direction he chooses.


Tina fisher

Tina Fisher is an Inside Sales Consultant serving Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. She’s been a part of our company’s history for nearly 20 years—she worked for Maly’s for 15 years and rejoined the family a few years later when we reopened as ManocoBlue. Working within the industry even inspired Tina to get her cosmetology license; she worked at Maly’s during the day and went to school at night!
When asked what she loves most about her job, Tina said, “I enjoy the relationship I am able to have with each and every one of my customers. I love getting calls from my former Maly’s customers. It is such a nice feeling to be able to see that 20 years later, customers are still with us.”
What we love most about Tina is her big heart. Every two weeks, she takes the time to give her 87-year-old grandmother a manicure.


casey fitzgerald

Casey Fitzgerald is a Salon Consultant serving professionals in Northeast/Central Indiana. Although new to the beauty industry, his background in retail and customer service offers his clients a fresh perspective—he has a keen eye for merchandising and showcasing products. As a people-person, he’s excited to jump into the industry and meet new people.

A fun fact about Casey: He loves country music, but cannot line dance whatsoever. No coordination!


Shaden Haskell

Shaden Haskell serves Indiana, where he finds happiness in the constantly-changing industry and in watching the growth of salons and the stylists working within them. He has been in the industry for 7 years; although, he brings 23 years of sales experience and 14 years of retail management to the table as well. Clients can expect enthusiasm, fun, and friendship from Shaden. Little-known fact about Shaden: he was born in Alaska and also lived on the beach in Florida.


Buffy Jandora

Buffy Jandora is a Salon Consultant serving Northwestern Indiana. She has over 20 years of experience in the industry, and what she enjoys the most about it is her ability to transform lives. She is a licensed hair stylist and worked behind the chair for 10 years. She has now been a salon consultant for almost 10 years as well. Buffy loves helping stylists and salon owners grow their business and skill levels. Some fun facts about Buffy: she’s a huge fan of sharks, heavy metal music, Elvis Presley, and old black and white movies.



Lisa Minnix is a Salon Consultant serving central and west central Indiana. With over 12 years of experience. Lisa is a valuable resource for stylists and salon owners to use. What she loves most about this industry? The people! She loves how fun and creative stylists are and finds passion in helping them reach their goals. What you may not know about Lisa? She loves New Kids on the Block, 2Pac, and hip hop music in general. And she likes it LOUD.